• Quality 

    We’re dedicated to making the best modern, stylish, comfortable apparel that lasts.

  • Ethically made

    We make considered choices to support all the people in our supply chain.

  • Sustainability 

    We’re committed to looking after our natural future because there is no Planet B.

Wear the best and experience the difference

Cream Collection is the only company of its kind in Australia using 100% organic cotton. Amazingly lightweight and supremely comfortable, we’re creating premium designer garments both you and your body will love. We invite you to experience the craftsmanship of our bespoke brand.

Why organic cotton?

We care so much about what we put into our bodies and serve our guests. Isn’t it time we cared about what we wear against our skin, or its impact on the environment? 99% of the world's cotton clothing is made from conventional cotton, farmed using toxic pesticides which impact nature, wildlife and the communities living near these crops. Huge quantities of water are also needed to grow enough cotton to make a single garment.

We only use pesticide-free, organic cotton, because organic farming brings hope back to farmers and their communities. This cotton is farmed using locally available resources and adapted farming methods, such as:

● Natural rain resources

● Soil fertility management

● Natural management of pests and diseases.

Ethically made aprons and homewares

We only work with ethical suppliers. This means everyone involved in the delivery of your Cream garments is paid fairly and works reasonable hours in a suitable and sustainable working environment. All aprons are ethically made right here in Australia.

 Our international manufacturers are audited and accredited by WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and we’re proud to have personally visited all our suppliers and met the skilled teams.

  • Carbon neutral shipping - at no extra cost to you.

    Our carbon neutral delivery partners deliver directly to your door. 

    By reducing carbon emissions, we’re contributing to a healthier environment. 

    Australian deliveries are by Sendle and international deliveries by DHL (carbon neutral offset).

  • Compostable, plastic-free packaging

    Many garments you receive are individually wrapped in clear plastic bags. Not ours. Cream aprons and jackets for chefs and creatives arrive "naked" without plastic wraps, saving up to one tonne of plastic from the environment each year. What’s more, all our mail bags are robust compostable bags and our mailing labels and swing tickets are compostable too. You can pop them straight into your compost or soil.

  • Supporting a circular economy

    As well as designing out waste by using biodegradable materials, we support a circular economy by keeping products and materials in use. You have access to complimentary repairs for the life of your long-lasting highest quality Cream garment. And when it’s finally time to say goodbye, don’t throw it in the bin. Instead, put your used garment in your worm farm, compost bin or bury it in the soil, where it will biodegrade. Nifty, huh?

Are you ready to experience Cream?