100% Planet friendly from start to finish

“Honestly, this is the most natural feeling garment I've worn. It’s trendy, comfortable and unlike anything else on the market. I’m amazed with the breathability of the fabric.” 

Here’s how Cream Collection is different

For starters, we’re not a big corporation. 

We’re an Australian company that cares deeply about quality and ethical issues. 

* We design and make high-quality, boutique style and superbly comfortable designs.

* Cream Collection produces considered and bespoke aprons and linen homewares that are modern, stylish and feel great. 

* While other aprons can feel uncomfortable, hot , stiff and scratchy, Cream is pure comfort. 

* Our fashionable aprons are comfortable and cool, moving with you, not against you. 

* Designed in Australia from premium, durable organic fabric, or organic cotton, our aprons feel great.

* Our entire collection is designed and proudly made right here in Australia.

What our customers are saying

“My apron is super comfortable and light, I can feel my skin and body breathing through it. It’s not like those old-school aprons that use synthetic textiles and don’t let the sweat or body heat escape. This apron was a huge relief. Finally, I've found something that looks good, and also feels good.”

100% Planet friendly from start to finish

Our entire collection is designed and made in Australia using 100% certified organic cotton, or 100% Pure linen.

Our packaging is all compostable and our delivery service is carbon neutral too!

Now you can support sustainability with a decision that feels good and looks fantastic.

“I feel good about supporting a company that has the same values as me which is the jackpot in business.”

Learn more about our sustainable practices

We take the time to understand what you need

All our products have been designed with you - and the way you use them, or gift them - in mind. A little stretch in the fabric here, an extra pocket for your gadgets there, personalised embroidery and a flat clasp that secures your apron neck strap. Whatever your creative passion, we want you to feel and perform at your absolute best.

“I can see there’s someone behind it who really cares about the needs of chefs in the kitchen. It’s all these small details that make the jacket special.”

Contact us today

It’s personal

From your initial phone call or email to us, you’re part of the Cream community. You can ask us anything. After all, you’ll be dealing with real people, not just clicking buttons. And long after your order arrives, we’re still here. Think ongoing free repairs for the life of your garment, advice, or just a chat. We can’t wait to connect with you.

“Exceptional packaging and customer service to the highest standard. Being online would be hard for many retailers as you don’t get to connect with the customer. Cream finds a way to do this perfectly.”

The Cream Collection story

Meet Pam Burnett

I’m Pam, fashion designer and founder of Cream Collection.

Watching Masterchef back in its early days, I wondered…

Chefs were becoming the new rock stars, but they were fitted out in hot, uncomfortable, polyester uniforms with no thought for sustainability or their image.  Not so on-trend. I strongly believed - and still do - that premium restaurants deserve premium uniforms. But in those days, there was nothing much to choose from. I knew what I had to do.

My research and development led to the launch of Cream Workwear, which evolved to become Cream Collection PRO. When COVID arrived, and restaurants closed down, we notice that creatives were staying home and began to dust off their easels, page through their recipe books, start veggie patches, and get creative on the BBQ and started buying the best aprons in Australia, and from there Cream Collection Lifestyle was born - our lovely customers created our business for us!

In a similar way, you transform raw ingredients in the kitchen, garden or studio into works of art. we transform beautiful fabrics intro aprons and comforting homewares.

"It’s my hope that in wearing Cream as you pursue your creative passion, you’ll feel incredibly cool, superbly comfortable and fashionable. 

You deserve the best, and by choosing to support a sustainable business using organic cotton and ethical practices, you’re also having a positive impact well beyond your place of work or home."

How we’ve evolved

Since 2015, we’ve evolved in response to the industry, sustainability practices and our customers’ valuable feedback. 

These are some of our proudest moments:

All our products and packaging are now plastic-free, and we only use carbon neutral delivery services.

We support the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund and our future goal is to also support indigenous education.

During COVID-19, Cream evolved significantly. We’re delighted to now welcome home cooks, bakers, artists, gardeners, florists and creative children into the Cream community with Cream Collection Lifestyle.

When you think about it, sustainable apparel is an obvious complement to our desire for a creative sustainable lifestyle. By choosing Cream Collection, you’re choosing to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Make a statement about what’s important to you.

“I feel good about supporting a company that has the same values as me which is the jackpot in business.”