Cream Collection Ethical & Sustainable Policy Document


The earth’s environment is under severe stress from uncontrolled human activity, threatening the survival of our society.

The Cream Collection organisation accepts that it must work to preserve the environmental sustainability of the planet at all levels of its operations – in its own practice, as a participant in a community of practice, and as a participant in the Australian social discourse.

Cream Collection aspires to minimise it's impact on the environment and maximise the effective use of resources. It strives to achieve this mainly through producing hospitality attire that combines aspirational designs with functionality and sustainability being the core.


This Ethical & Sustainability Policy aims to integrate a philosophy of ethical and sustainable practices into all aspects of the organisation’s activities and to establish and promote sound ethical practice in its operations.


Cream Collection is committed to minimising its impact on the environment through 

  • Providing an ethical and sustainable workplace;
  • Having an environmentally sustainable aware culture, where responsibility is assigned and understood;
  • Being an environmentally responsible neighbour in the community;
  • Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling;
  • Using, in it's own operations, processes that do not adversely affect the environment;
  • Ensuring the responsible use of energy throughout the organisation;
  • Participating in efforts to improve environmental protection and understanding;
  • Taking steps to improve environmental performance continually;
  • Conducting evaluations, and self-assessments of the implementation of this policy;
  • Working with suppliers who promote ethical practices; and
  • Enhancing awareness among employees, and customers – educating and motivating them to act in an environmentally responsible manner.



Cream Collection has implemented the following initiatives to ensure and its adherence to ethical and sustainability practices. 

  1. Cream Collection solely works with textile suppliers and manufacturers who meet WRAP standards, meeting ethical standards.
  2. Cream Collection ensures there is no child labour or slave labour in the manufacturing process of its attire. It ensures the farmers growing its organic cotton, and the manufacturers assisting in the production of all attire employ fair trade practices. This means the people involved in the process are paid a fair wage and not a living wage, work fair hours and their working environment is suitable to conduct their work responsibly.
  3. All Cream Collection attire is made from eco-friendly 100% organic cotton. All fabrics are certified by Eco Cert to guarantee they are 100% organic cotton.
  4. Cream Collection is a single use plastic-free environment, meaning no plastic is permitted onsite for single use and besides the waterproof packaging it uses for online sales, it ensures no single use plastic is used in the packaging of its attire.
  5. Cream Collection uses a carbon neutral BCorp courier company SENDLE  to deliver local parcels. This organisation in turn supports two non-profit charities.
  6. All Cream Collection cloth packaging bags are GOTS certified and made by a fair trade compliant factory.
  7. Cream Collection adheres to equal rights ethics, embracing all genders and cultures
  8. Cream Collectionis listed on the Top 100 Textile Exchange 2018 Preferred Fibers and Materials (PFM) Benchmark Program




  1. Cream Collection will develop guidelines for staff to adopt sound ethical and sustainable work practices, and adequate training will be provided to ensure these practices are carried out.
  2. Cream Collection will use reasonable endeavors to reuse and recycle materials, purchase recycled materials, and use recyclable packaging and other materials.
  3. Cream Collection will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that its services and products are safe, efficient in their use of energy, protective of the environment, and able to be reused, recycled or disposed of safely.
  4. Cream Collection will use all reasonable endeavors to minimise materials and energy use, prevent air, water, and other pollution, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.
  5. Cream Collection will use all reasonable endeavors to conserve energy by improving energy efficiency and giving preference to renewable over non-renewable energy sources when feasible.
  6. Cream Collection will use reasonable endeavors to ensure that every employee and contractor is informed of and expected to follow this policy and to report any environmental, ethical, health, or safety concern to management so that prompt action may be taken.


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