Aprons & Homewares Made In Australia

Where it began:

As a child, Pam Burnett had a dilemma, whether to be a Clothing Designer or a Horticulturist.

Fortunately she chose Clothing design as a career as this way she was able to incorporate plant-based fabrics and floral designs into her creations.

Pam was the first designer to introduce organic cotton fabrics to her fashion brands - Earthaddict and Earthchild clothing way back in 2004.

Once Pam learnt of the benefits of organic natural fabrics to the planet there was no turning back and seventeen years later she has been a pioneer by introducing planet-friendly clothing to new markets.

On arrival to Australia in 2011, Pam joined Target Australia as the design manager for Children's wear, but unfortunately could not relate to the business model and left to pursue her passion - to create ethically made planet-friendly clothing. But what type of clothing was this to be?

Watching Masterchef Pam saw a gap in the market for sustainably produced hospitality uniforms and aprons - the penny dropped and Cream Workwear was birthed.

Again this was the first-to-market of sustainably produced and ethically made uniforms in Australia for the hospitality market and within six months of launching the brand, she received a call from Masterchef celebrity chefs wanting to wear Cream Workwear on the show.

Fast forward to 2020, COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns, stay at home bakers, cooks, gardeners and artists wanted premium aprons to wear at home whilst mastering their newfound passion for creativity and Cream Collection Lifestyle was born. Within three months Cream Collection Lifestyle aprons were proudly included in the Good Food curated edition of  "Best 100 things" for 2020.

Once customers had experienced the luxurious linens whilst wearing their aprons, they started asking for bright, happy, Australian floral designs and for the collection to be extended into homewares, and the new all-Australian-made homewares collection was launched offering tea towels, table napkins, tote bags and cushion covers.

Fast forward again to 2021, and The Australian Linen Collection Wholesale e-commerce store was created where  Gift stores and Australian Tourism stores could shop Australian made aprons and homewares for their customers. The Cream Collection range of aprons and homewares is now available in retail stores throughout Australia from Alice Springs to Adelaide.

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What we Offer:

Premium quality, Australian made, superbly comfortable, planet-friendly designer aprons for Cooks, Bakers, Gardeners, Florists, Artists, and creatives who love getting messy!

We also offer Australian floral and landscape inspired printed linens in cushion covers, tote bags, tea towels and table napkins. 

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Our culture:

Cream Collection has implemented the following initiatives to ensure its adherence to ethical and sustainability practices. 

  1. Cream Collection works solely with textile suppliers and manufacturers who meet WRAP standards, meeting ethical standards.
  2. Cream Collection ensures there is no child labour nor slave labour in the manufacturing process of its attire. It ensures the farmers grow its organic cotton, and the manufacturers assisting in the production of all attire employ fair trade practices. This means the people involved in the process are paid a fair wage and not a living wage, work fair hours and their working environment is suitable to conduct their work responsibly.
  3. All Cream Collection attire is made from eco-friendly 100% organic cotton. All fabrics are certified by Eco-Cert to guarantee they are 100% organic cotton.
  4. Cream Collection is a single-use plastic-free environment, meaning no plastic is permitted on site for single-use and besides a single plastic liner for waterproofing packages to business clients, it ensures no single-use plastic is used in the packaging of its attire.
  5. Cream Collection uses a carbon-neutral BCorp courier company SENDLE  to deliver local parcels. This organisation in turn supports two non-profit charities.
  6. All mailers and mail labels are 100% Compostable and can be broken down by compostable worms in worm farms.
  7. Cream Collection adheres to equal rights ethics, embracing all genders and cultures
  8. Cream Collection was listed on the Top 100 Textile Exchange 2018 Preferred Fibres and Materials (PFM) Benchmark Program

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Aprons designed for comfort and style

We've designed our aprons to be the perfect gift or self-purchase for every creative.

Our stylish and on-trend aprons range will bring happiness and style to your kitchen or studio.

Enjoy lightweight designs and aprons that are super cool to wear. Features include large front pockets, comfortable shoulder straps, and adjustable straps.

They reflect your sophisticated style and are available in a range of colours. 

View our Apron Collection.

You can also choose to decorate your home with our range of Australian made modern linen homewares.

Let the interior designer in you shine through with the full range of high quality,

designer homewares and accessories that reflect who you are and your style.

Shop for a wide range of stylish, premium quality linen homeware products, including cushion covers, tableware and tote bags on our online store.

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Our Lifestyle Apron Collection


High-quality Australian made aprons in organic cotton and linen, perfect for all creative cooks and bakers.

We've designed these aprons so that they are comfortable to wear whilst cooking.

With features like an adjustable-length loop neck strap and generous-sized front pockets, which are great to keep your glasses, notebook or mobile phone in for taking photos of your inspiration or finished masterpiece.


Premium quality and ethically made in Australia, organic cotton and linen aprons.

We're proud to say that our Australian made Aprons for florists are some of the comfiest aprons you'll ever use whilst being creative with your flowers and foliage.

Combining fashion and style, it’s what you have been looking for when preparing your blooming creations.

When you're in your happy zone, you need a comfortable apron that looks beautiful and fits perfectly. Our florist apron range is the perfect match.


Aprons that are ethically made and designed in Australia from Organic Cotton and Linen. 

If you've been looking for a beautiful apron to wear while gardening, then look no further.

Offering generous front pockets, comfortable shoulder straps and adjustable straps our gardening aprons are practical and stylish.


Australian made and designed aprons. Best quality and ethically made from Organic Cotton and Linen. Perfect for all creative Artists.

You deserve to look professional, be comfortable and protect your clothing. Our artist's aprons are robust to meet all of your needs. They're perfect for painting in your studio or outdoors allowing as they don't restrict movability and are super cool and comfortable to wear.

Face Masks

We offer reusable face masks that are well-fitted and are made from organic cotton which are also hypoallergenic. These cloth masks are also great for travel and are well-fitted with adjustable head straps.

Our travel masks are unique to Cream Collection. Made from organic cotton and designed for comfort, the fabric has a stretch weave which allows the mask to mould to the shape of your face. Because organic cotton is a natural, non-toxic, breathable fabric, it is incredibly soft and comfy to wear against your skin.

View our face masks range, available in different colours including denim, pale blue and dark blue. Buy yours now and get it shipped tomorrow!

Tea Towels

These are hands down the best tea towels that you'll ever use.

Made in Australia from Pure Linen, these tea towels are super absorbent, they won't leave lint on your glassware and will make you smile every time you see them in your kitchen.

Our tea towels are machine washable, and will soon become your firm favourite.

Cushion Covers

Premium quality cushion covers. Designed and ethically made in Australia from 100% Pure Linen.

Send someone a message which they can hug and feel comforted by with our Wish You Were Here cushion cover. or choose a perfect comforter for yourself by bringing the joy of Australian flora and landscapes into your home with our Wattle and Grevillea floral printed covers.

Table Napkins

Our high-quality table napkins are designed and ethically Made in Australia from 100% pure linen.

Perfect for all homes who share the love of Australia at their table.

Tote Bags

Our 100% Pure Linen tote bags are perfect to fill with your shopping treats, picnic pleasures, or beach retreat necessities.

Ethically Made in Australia, and premium quality, buy one for yourself or as a gift for that special person.

The tote bag has a cleverly designed internal pocket for your phone and keys and is machine washable.

Why shop online with us?

Here's how Cream Collection is different from other brands.

We're not a large corporation. We are an Australian company that cares deeply about quality and ethics.

Our designs are high quality, boutique-style products.

Cream Collection produces thoughtfully designed aprons and homewares that are modern, stylish, and feel great.

While other apron brands and styles may feel uncomfortable, hot, hard and scratchy, Cream Collection produces pure comfort! We're proud to offer our fashionable aprons which move with you, not against. Made in Australia from premium, long-lasting organic fabrics, or organic cotton, these aprons feel great.

We design and manufacture our entire collection of aprons and homewares right here in Australia.


Frequently Asked Questions


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If you reside in Australia : Delivery to metro areas will be within 3 business days. If you live in a regional area, delivery will be within 5 business days.


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Australia’s best

Chef’s and hospitality teams across Asia Pacific, Asia, America and Europe have discovered Australia’s best on -trend brand of uniforms. Uniforms inspired by the passion to create meals from sustainable organic produce that are good for the body and food for the soul. Your passion has led to ours, and the result is impressive... 

Chef jackets that breathe, that have little features cleverly created to suit your vocation, designed in partnership with Internationally renowned chefs. Aprons that strengthen your brand, are great for your shoulders and are comfortable to wear.