Why not try a chemical free oven cleaner?

Why not try a chemical free oven cleaner?

As our community grows and strengthens, we just love sharing these ideas on how we can all live just a little more sustainably each day. A big step in the right
direction is to look at the chemicals and cleaners we use in our homes.

If you want to embrace your sustainable approach to life further – why not step gently into the land of chemical-free cleaners with this great solution.

All those horrible chemicals found in the usual commercial cleaning agents can be avoided by using a weekly scrub using natural products you have in your kitchen. This recipe is simple (environmentally safe) and effective – find the
recipe here.

● 90g (1/5 cup) bicarbonate of soda
● 60ml (1/4 cup) filtered water
● 5 drops of lemon or orange essential oil

In a bowl, combine the bicarb soda, water, and essential oil and stir to form a thick paste.

TO USE: Spread the paste over the dirty areas of your oven and leave it to sit for 30 minutes or more(or if you can leave it overnight). Wipe clean in the morning – if there is a really heavy build-up of grime you may need to bring in chemicals but microwaves and stovetops can be cleaned with this easily.

This recipe makes approx. 145g or ½ a cup of cleaner.

So stand back and just check out the sparkle! It shines
almost as much as you xxxxx

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