Sustainable Face Masks - Protecting You and The Planet

The year 2020 will go down in history for several reasons, with Covid-19 being at the top of the list. The pandemic brought about many changes as to how we live, one of such is the inclusion of face masks as part of our daily dress code. Workers in restaurants, schools, recreational centres and other public places are being mandated to use protective face covering whilst at work to help curb the spread of the virus.
As a result, Cream Collection saw the need to produce reusable fabric face masks from organic cotton that can be used by workers in public spaces. Made in Australia, our organic face masks have received international attention, with places like California and the UK now ordering theirs.
Here are a few reasons why the reusable face masks are more beneficial than disposable ones.


Benefits Of Fabric Face Masks

1. They are reusable:

Our fabric face masks are not only safe to use, but they are also economical and cost-effective.They can be washed and sanitised at high temperature, making them fit for further use. This provides a lasting and sustainable solution for restaurants and cafes in need of a hygienic and effective way to keep their staff and customers safe.

Furthermore, a filter for oil or coffee can be inserted as an extra protective layer, and the replaceable nose strip makes it easy to adjust the mask to fit your face. This feature is ideal for those who wear glasses. With the fabric face masks, you won’t have to buy a new one each day
as it is reusable — they go a long way to save you costs in the long run.


2. They are Environmentally friendly

What better way to ensure our protection than using the fabric face mask? It does not only
guarantee protection but is also highly environmentally friendly. Our fabric face masks are made from organic cotton that allows them to be recycled, unlike disposable or surgical face masks.
They have elastic bands attached to them and are designed to be biodegradable when disposed of.


3. They keep you and those around you safe

Our fabric face masks are just as effective as surgical ones. They are resistant to droplets, and they function as a protective cover for your mouth and nose and also a barrier between you and those around you. This prevents tiny droplets, through which the virus spreads when an infected person sneezes or coughs, from making contact with you while you go about your duties and
talking to people.


4. They are comfortable and easy to use

Another great benefit of using a fabric face mask is the comfort and ease of use it provides. Our face masks are created with a special stretch material that enables the mask to fit your face perfectly. We use a 100% organic cotton in producing it, making the fabric hypoallergenic, easy to breathe through, comfortable to wear and soft against your skin. The elastic strands made for
your ear have a moveable toggle that allows you to adjust the strands to fit your head. When not in close proximity with others or use, our masks can be pulled down to the neck and pulled back up when necessary.



Our reusable and sustainable fabric face masks at Cream Collection are both safe to use and cost- effective. Restaurateurs and business owners around the world realise how beneficial organic cotton cloth face masks are, and so should you.
If you are interested in a protective face mask that is comfortable to wear, environmentally
friendly and also economical, our reusable face mask is just what you need. Contact us at CREAM COLLECTION to order yours today.

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