Mouthwatering Easter Cooking

Mouthwatering Easter Cooking

In the 16th Century bakers were only permitted to use spice on very special occasions - we are all so grateful as one of these special occasions was Good Friday! We are taking that baby to the next level - check out the recipe below for Campfire chocolate orange bread and butter pudding ... using, drumroll please ... HOT CROSS BUNS. So pop on your beautiful Cream Collection Lifestyle apron and follow the below recipe for pure joy this Easter for CAMPFIRE CHOCOLATE ORANGE BREAD AND BUTTER PUDDING. This is a great recipe if you're at loss with what to do with your leftover hot cross buns at your Easter campsite. This is the solution as it is truly delicious being cooked over coals in a cast-iron Dutch oven, and if you are at home snuggling up - you can use a conventional oven at 180C for the same cooking time.


butter or coconut oil to grease Dutch oven

6 hot cross buns or 6-8 slices raisin bread (stale is fine), torn into bite-sized pieces

400ml coconut or regular milk

2 tbsp of custard powder (optional)

½ cup rice malt syrup (or ⅓ cup sugar) any you have on hand, brown or white or raw.

2 oranges, sliced into discs, pips removed. Before you slice the oranges into discs, peel and keep that peel aside before slicing. Those pips can be slippery little suckers too, so take your time.

about 130g chocolate (Dark or milk, whatever takes your fancy) (eg. three rows from a block of Cadbury chocolate), broken into small pieces


1. Light a campfire using lots of small sticks and twigs, and let it burn for about 30 minutes. You want to build up a nice base of coals that will sustain themselves for about 20 minutes.

2. Grease a Dutch oven with butter or coconut oil and line with orange slices (the slices impart citrus flavour into your pudding while preventing sticking and burning).

3. Place torn buns or bread around the bottom of the dish. Mix together the milk and sugar or syrup. For extra pudding-like results, mix custard powder into milk (optional). Pour the milk over the bread, adding chocolate pieces in and around the buns. Finely chop the reserved orange peel and scatter throughout. Gently mix the pudding to combine and distribute the ingredients.

4. Pop the lid of the Dutch oven on and place onto a bed of coals directly next to the fire. Cook for about 15 to 20 minutes – but check regularly as timing on an open fire is variable. Rotate the oven every few minutes to ensure even cooking. Once most of the milk has soaked into the bread and the pudding looks more solid, it's ready. Rest for five minutes before serving.

Serves 6-8

Thank you to for this amazing recipe and photo credit is Luisa Brimble

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