Looking for inspiration?

Looking for inspiration?

Are you an artist, art student, or creative looking for fresh drawing and painting ideas? Are you currently feeling stuck and uninspired?  We agree it can sometimes be very challenging to grab that creative spark for a new project.

We have put together a list of some ideas to get those creative juices flowing again – it is always helpful to go back to basics, even if you think you have done it before – revisit – you never know what creativity you will awaken.

  • Doodle – you never know what will flow from you. Just let it happen.
  • Visit a gallery – fresh ideas can come from the most obvious places
  • Walk around architecture that inspires you – look at how the light plays.
  • Walk in nature – go wild and strut through the bush or visit manicured gardens or your local botanical gardens.
  • Listen to music – one sense can awaken another within you. What you love listening to could spark a visual idea.
  • Draw your dreams – now, I know you might think this is “out there” but, just try. If not your dreams, maybe try drawing your meditations.
  • Relax – do not be hard on yourself.
  • Walk away – yes, that is right. Walk away from the canvas, the sketch pad, or the pottery room.  Brew up a cup of your favourite tea and just take a break.

You will definitely find inspiration if you use your imagination and all of your senses. Just remember to always allow your creativity to be searching for ideas – being open to ideas will assist with the flow of your personal creativity.

Be kind, be patient and give in to the process of creativity. Now pop on your favourite apron, get in the zone and be kind to yourself. We’ve got you.

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