How to shop with the planet in mind ...

How to shop with the planet in mind ...

Like you, we are always on the lookout to make an environmental impact ... Pantry sorting is always a great activity to undertake.

Have you searched for your local bulk, whole food store lately? They are a wonderful resource when re-organising your pantry and a great way to avoid excess packaging - they are one of the best ways to start.

So pop on your favourite apron and grab your dymo or labeller and get to recycling all of your old jars and containers - you can fill them with pulses, spices, flours, pastas and all sort of goodies from your local whole foods store! Don't forget to weigh and label them before you head in - this will make the process a lot easier.

We promise this is one of the best ways to buy spices and other yummy treats (like nuts and organic chocolate ... just saying!)

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