Gift Ideas For Creatives

If you have a creative person as a friend, you will understand why they find solace in their creative zone and spaces. With the recent lockdown, creative people have rekindled their talents, paying more attention to their unique, crafting skills. 

When you have a creative person as a friend, you may also discover that it is not always easy to buy them gifts. 

Studying the lifestyle of creatives will make it easier to get gifts for them. Creative people mostly like to get involved in activities that involve the use of their hands. Such activities include cooking, gardening, painting etc., and for this reason, the best possible item you can get as a gift for creatives is an apron. 

Why you should gift them an apron?

As mentioned, creative people enjoy working with their hands. Most of the time, their activities can get their clothes and hands soiled and stained. 

This is probably the main reason why they will appreciate an apron as a gift. You can take it up a notch by getting them a customised or personalised apron

Do you have a friend or family member who loves to cook or bake, then a half apron or a full baking apron will be handy in protecting their clothes while they cook, and at the same time, add some elegance to the kitchen. 

Note that aprons are not only used in the kitchen. They can equally be used for other activities like gardening and painting.

The perfect gift 

An apron may seem like a common gift, but it becomes more special when it is an Australian-made, organic cotton apron from Cream Collection. Our aprons are unique as they are ethically made from organic cotton or pure linen, depending on the buyers' choice. Furthermore, you can get the apron personalised by embroidering the recipient's name on it. 

Gifting your friend an Australian made apron beautifully personalised with their name on it has to be the best possible gift you can give them. 

If they love to plant and garden, you can customise gardening aprons for them. The same thing applies to aprons for artists and bakers. 

Getting creative friends or family members personalised aprons with their names will make them feel special.


If you would like to order an Australian made apron from Cream Collection, you can visit our website to place your order. 

Turnaround time is approximately 4 days for embroidery from the date the order was placed to the date it will be received. Also, it may take 2 – 7 days for delivery, which depends on the client's location. 

Finally, it costs about $15 to customise the name on the apron, plus the cost of the apron. You can also get discounts if you order 20 or more aprons at the same time. Happy online shopping! 

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