Embrace the full moon!

Embrace the full moon!

Did you know some full moon rituals are enjoyable to do and can positively impact your life? We have some DOs and some DONTs to help you out.

  1. Cleanse your mental and physical space. Full moons mark a time of energy build-up. So it is the perfect time to cleanse your space, body and mind. Consider smudging your home too!
  2. Charge those crystals baby! Just as you cleanse your mental and physical space - cleanse your crystals by allowing them a lovely, luscious bathe in that glorious moonlight!
  3. Learn to meditate - go on, give it a go! Full moons are about endings. They mark the perfect time to engage in a bit of reflection, and meditation offers an excellent way to do this. Sit with your thoughts as long as you can.
  4. Dance to release energy - dance it out! Dress up or let loose in your PJ’s! The whole point is to get into your body for a bit - to let some of the energy go!
  5. Let go of emotional baggage! Use the full moon as a reminder to us all to let negative thought patterns and habits that do not serve us to vamoosh!
  6. Check your TO DO list. Revisit the whole thing, not just to see how you are progressing but if some tasks don’t resonate any longer, let them go!
  7. Chill out for a bit - an excellent way to celebrate this lunar phase is just simply to sit down and chill!

Just as important - 3 things NOT TO DO during a full moon.

  1. Don’t rush to start something new - think about it first, no rush. Wait two weeks for the next new moon (it is not going to kill you to wait!), and this time may also put you in a better space to move forward.
  2. Your emotions are at their most intense at this time. Don’t overreact to the little stuff. Resist the urge to snap, chastise or lash out. Breath instead - go back and meditate - you will be calmer for it.
  3. Do not make any rash decisions. Full moons are an energetic, emotional, and spontaneous time. A decision that is tempting now might not look as good in two weeks - slow it right down. Be patient; you will thank yourself later.

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