Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022

April 22nd marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement - Earth Day. Starting in 1970 – Earth Day was created to respond to the overwhelming disregard for our environment during the post-WW2 boom. With the explosive growth of industry, fossil-fuelled vehicles, and general consumption – pollution was at an all-time high!

The movement was initially aimed at the youth – the university students and those given to being a public voice. Everyone – including those against deforestation, oil spills, sewage dumping, industrial pollution, and pesticides in farming – all came together.

Today Earth Day is recognized in more than 190 countries and celebrated by over 1 billion people worldwide. On Earth Day, you are asked to really think about your contribution and how you can consciously reduce your waste! One example is looking at what you buy – thinking, do you need it? Instead of racing into a retail giant to buy a new spatula, why not purchase one from the Op Shop instead. 

Or when purchasing a new toothbrush - do you think of bamboo or plastic? Did you know that every single toothbrush that has been manufactured is still here with us on Earth!

These are just two examples – can you think of more?

Simply put, Earth Day is a time to stop, and think about our beautiful Earth.

So take the initiative to make a change. You can make it Earth Day every day!

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