Plastic Free July

Committed to NO PLASTIC?

As Plastic free July ends, are you committed to making a real change for the future? Even small, daily changes help, we can all contribute to change. 

Here are more easy ways to do your bit & be more environmentally conscious :

  • Have you considered DIY water filtration? One Australian company is producing a wide range of filtering options with a fantastic range of terracotta – on bench options. Find out more here We love introducing our supporters to Environmentally friendly products
  • Travel mugs, too – do you have one? The humble disposable coffee cup may look recyclable, but they are covered in plastic! Check out our friends at Pottery for the Planet to grab yourself a beautiful pottery mug. This is an easy SWITCH and SWAP to commit to.
  • Avoid straws – an obvious and easy SWITCH and SWAP we can all make. Go bamboo straw or metal straw , or don't use a straw at all. If you are searching for a bamboo or metal straw to keep and reuse, check out this great source of all things planet loving Biome 
  • Choose a sustainable beeswax sandwich wrapper for your lunch, an old-school lunch box, a mason jar, or a funky Bento box. More and more salad bars offer a metal bowl (for office workers) to use for their lunch. You just enjoy your salad, wash and return the bowl to them for your salad the next day - OR when you next buy a salad, ask … Can I use my own bowl? Or do you have a reusable stainless steel bowl? There are initiatives available, but often they are not actively promoted - you be the leader! Just ask - It is another simple SWITCH and SWAP you can commit to long term
  • Wine … wine not? I hear you say! Did you know that cork is a fantastic renewable and natural resource? So select wine with a real cork or screw top when browsing the shelves. Try asking at the counter about the cork or choose just a screw-top bottle. There is no wine snobbery in doing your bit to help the planet.
  • Simply be aware of packaging – more and more companies are embracing how detrimental plastic packaging is to our environment. Being aware of the issue will enlighten you to brands who care about reducing plastic waste – like us! In the future, more changes will come but check online for packaging details and ethical standards before making purchases when you can. 

You can read all about Cream Collection's Ethical & Sustainable policies here. Shop for your new plastic free apron here.

So as Plastic free July draws to a close – what SWITCH and SWAP actions will you be taking? 

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We would love to hear about how you are becoming more Environmentally conscious

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