Livia Firth, 30 wears campaign

30 wear challenge

This movement was popularised by Livia Firth (yes, ex-wife of Colin Firth – who happens to be a real movement leader in environmental issues).

The challenge is an excellent way for newbies to ease their way into the sustainable fashion world. No, don't worry, you are not being asked to NOT buy new clothes. It is merely a suggestion to THINK before you BUY.

There are basically 3 main points to consider when making a purchase ….. 

  1. How many ways can this piece be worn? Is it versatile? Can it be worn across a few seasons? There are tons of blogs and books about capsule wardrobe (I know, who knew!) Basically, the idea is you have a core of flexible wardrobe items – that you can wear repeatedly. Let's take an overshirt; this can be worn over jeans, or over a skirt, buttoned up, or open … just using some imagination, you can already be working towards a more sustainable wardrobe.
  2. If it does not fit properly, don't buy it – we have all been here … I will fit into this in a few months! Or it just needs to be taken in here a bit … likelihood is, this item will be sitting in your wardrobe for years to come – unworn!
  3. Last but not least, the real test – will this last 30 wears? Lots of our T-shirts or leggings or even socks simply will not last under normal wear and tear situations. If you think something will not last – don’t buy it. Rather buy organic, long-lasting, durable clothing items. The savings you will make by buying longer-lasting and good-quality items will astound you!

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