World Environment Day is 5th June 2022

World Environment Day is 5th June 2022

“Only One Earth” is the campaign slogan, with the focus on “Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”.

The human mind knows no boundaries, but our planet does. There is #OnlyOneEarth and protecting it is a global contribution and responsibility. 

We have less than ten years to make a real change, so we need to scale up our action for the planet. We have the solutions, knowledge, and technology to limit climate change and avoid ecological collapse. So let’s start today …

We can all take action - what will you be doing to take care of and respect the environment on this day? 

Here are some ideas to consider - we will be doing them right along with you -

  • Commit to a plastic free lifestyle - yes that’s right, no forks, no straws, no cling wrap. Let’s get back to a non harmful way of living. 
  • Get creative: Rethink, reuse and recycle your waste. From your banana peels or coffee grounds to your old t-shirts.
  • Your backyard can be a habitat for our precious local wildlife. Research planting some natives to create a beautiful environment for you AND your visitors
  • Research a local bushcare group - we are lucky enough here in Australia to have beautiful natural forests. Learn how to take care of them and enjoy them.
  • Support ethical producers who create sustainable clothing and homewares. 

We need to take steps to value our environment and our earth. We would love to hear about what you are going to do on World Environment Day this year - post on Instagram and tag us @cream_collection_lifestyle … we are all here together. 

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