Swap THIS for THAT this July

Swap THIS for THAT this July

Plastic FREE July is here. Let’s see how we can swap items out and replace them with (kinder to the planet) alternatives. 

Here are some easy ways we can all make an impact and reduce wastage. Some ideas to SWITCH and SWAP THIS for THAT are a great (and easy) way to start.

5 simple ways you can impact and reduce your plastic use this July.


Plastic water bottle - Reusable water bottle 

Shampoo & Conditioner in plastic packaging - Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Disposable Razors - Metal Razors - well taken care of; they last for years.

Deodorant in plastic or aerosol containers - Deodorant in recyclable packaging or no packaging at all.

Plastic hair comb or brush - Wooden or bamboo comb or brush - no frizz!

Plastic toothbrush - Bamboo toothbrush

Of course, it’s always best to protect your clothing while cooking, gardening, and creating. This will result in less washing and water usage (as well as less packaging from laundry detergents). Check out our stunning range of aprons to make your whole sustainable life a lot cleaner and more effortless. 

Have you researched to see how many aprons are made from polyester ( which is essentially plastic) 

Sadly, most aprons are made from polyester whereas ours aren't. Our aprons are made from pure, planet friendly organic cotton = NO Plastic.

Shop your new plastic free apron here.

Do you have any ideas to share for Plastic free July? – tag us at @cream_collection_lifestyle with your ideas

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